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Man, it's been so long since I've written here, but I recently saw a dream where I actually decided to start using LJ more again (or well, announced that I'd do it at least) so I figured maybe I'd actually try it? Would that make it a prophetic dream?

Overall life has kept going worse, since I'm in the mercy of various government etc things that seemingly seem to change their minds on random on whether I'm eligble for monetary aid or not, so the situation keeps flipping and flopping around which has made me extremely tired, giving me a feeling of worthlessness and that I don't deserve any help since basically all help that's not monetary has been me being told that I should take a loan and/or move to a cheaper apartment which while technically are true, I feel I don't have the necessary help, reason and money to move, and for the start even getting a loan and then stressing of not being able to pay it back really would not help my mental situation at all.
In the worst case I'll have to quit therapy, which I'd really rather not do, as getting in to it took months, but it's the biggest money hole at the moment.

Outside that I've been playing a lot of games my friend has gotten me into, which has been.... interesting. I really don't care for actually PLAYING FPS or horror games, but I've been playing Overwatch, The Secret World and Dead by Daylight for a while now.

Iggy is being saucy as usual.
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Flight Rising, it's ok.

SO yeah I got in FR now that the registration window opened (and it sure is a better way to waste my time than Candy Crush)because I wanted to see what the big deal was.
Overall my problems with it are that in the beginning at least it's very slow and tedious and the other aspects of it aren't really well balanced, game wise. Everything works, but around having my first dragons on level 10 all the cracks (or well, the Free To Play Mechanic actually) start to show.

Like, it takes around 20 days for your baby dragons to have any use, they can't breed and they can't fight and the adults have around 15 day cooling period, during which all you can do is fight with them, EXCEPT you can't fight too much because if you don't realize to really stack on specific food you pretty soon start to run empty (I got two faes and both eat insects) because it's impossible to avoid losing energy, as the Coliseum really likes to throw three high tier monsters against my two dragons who need time to gather attack energy, so all I can do is flee or die (multiple times in a row). Because of course, a good FTP game forces the user to leave for certain periods but still gives reasons to come back, so well done there FTP A+ but by god does it make me scream internally.

That's because a lot of the secondary game stuff in Coliseum and Fair are randomized and not really polished so a lot of the time you get these aggravating situations where the game forces you to use A LOT more turns than needed that makes the games drag, this is especially evident if you play the bubble popping-game (you just pop the last fire bubble but then the game gives you one more fire bubble and you have to shoot it and then wait until it gives you two more during which time same has happened to two other element bubbles and it could mostly be avoided if the game didn't give you any bubbles that are not on the field, which I think it's supposed to do but it working is bit off, or if you could change between the bubbles like you can in any other game).

I'd really hope they'd lessen the waiting time or allow the babies to fight, because unless you're not super-socially-awkward and you go and trade adult dragons for treasure (because you don't have dragons to trade for at least a week when you start), you're stuck about a month before you get any use out of the babies you make. I managed to trade like four babies and they're pretty but the only useful dragons I have are still the two original adults.

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It's weird to see that FINALLY after using this fat whale of a laptop for months, I finally have managed to start using it properly (Win8, if you get my drift). I even managed to change the log in background image again!
And I bought a laptop bag for it so I can take it safely to mom's during Christmas so we can watch movies from a good screen and I can play SWTOR, but man it was quite the bother to try to find a bag that would fit and be affordable, since well, this is huge.
It's almost like laptop bag makers don't expect people to carry 17 inch heavyass deathtops around every day, wonder why...

Also tomorrow, BABIES!
creepy dog

I got a kitty

Well, reserved one. They are ready to be homed on January.
I thought of this kinda long and hard and my god I do feel kinda guilty... I've been pressed by coworkers, friend and my doctor to get a pet due to my anxiety/depression issues, and my god I'd want a ferret again but I know I couldn't be able to ferret-proof the house easily well enough nor do I have the space (our previous ferret taught me some things, which is why I'll rather wait until I get to a bigger apartment so I can have my own separate room where the ferret can't get to) so I ended up getting a cat... specifically, a sphynx.
You can see the babies here:
Because I don't really like cats, I mostly have only somewhat "negative" experiences (especially with my friend's cat when I was much smaller and more timid and I feared the cat would run to me and jump at me with its claws) and cats are not generally that type of pet like a ferret is but my god I just fell in love with my coworkers sphynxes (which I linked here too some time ago) because they come to cuddle with you and are so expressive and playful and love you and look so funny and for a pedigree genetic mutation seem to be very healthy (unlike most dogs or other flatfaced things) and I won't have to feel guilty about not letting it roam outside (as there are people who think it's cruel to keep an animal from living to its fullest by keeping it inside) and I don't have to feel guilty of an outside cat killing baby bunnies and birds.
And then I want to buy a shirt and harness to the sphynx so I can take it outside to the beach or island or backyard because sphynxes are one of those breeds that would like that.

My only concerns are the energy of the cat, the nighttime running of the two sphynxes drove me mad, but this time I hope I can adjust my sleeping place better and hope that one singular cat won't run around as much as two that are playing in the middle of the night, and if worst comes to happen, I can throw the cat to my moms for couple of days so I can sleep (because she totally wants her own pet but is too stubborn/moneytroubled to get one) when it gets older.
My other guilt problem is that it's a pedigree cat, and I have been watching so many shows about animal adoption in the USA, so even though the problem is not like that in here as far as I know, yeah..
Little heart

Aaww yeah

I just got my charms, I'll have to add those little strings and they'll ready to be sold.
(photo by the charms company)
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